Meet Hattie

Hattie Constance Blogger
Hi my name is Hattie Constance and I am a British student living in Auckland, New Zealand.
About Me

I was born in Ruislip, London 18 years ago and spent my childhood growing up abroad. I am in my final year of college studying Business, Literature and Textiles. Outside of this I also work part time in an Art Gallery.

I started my Blog just over four years ago in February 2012. I had been reading fashion and beauty blogs from a young age and upon getting a very open English coursework named Project Rattlebag (My original blog name) I started my blog. Blogging is something I do as a way of expressing myself and a hobby that can incorporate everything I love.
To take my photos I use a canon 1100D or my iPhone 6 and edit on either Photoshop or iPhoto. I am currently self-hosted on WordPress and my blog design is from Pipdig.