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Ile Des Pins – Travel Tips


A little Background… Ile Des Pins (meaning Isle of Pines) is a small Island off the Coast of New Caledonia named in the 1800s for its pine looking trees. The island is 15km by 13km and despite its beauty is home to a mere 2000 people. Most Island inhabitants will speak French as well as their native tongue, not many people speak English. Upon arriving at the island you may be thrown by

How I Edit Instagram Photos


With Instagram being one of the biggest growing social media platforms I have recently started putting more effort into my account and have formed a pretty consistent routine of editing. Although my following is not the largest, I thought I would share my process nonetheless. Taking the Photo – VSCO Camera and Natural Lighting  To start with I always take my photos using VSCO as it allows me to manually set the exposure

Welcome To My New Blog


Welcome to Although it may appear to be a whole new blog, Hattie Constance is in fact an upgraded and revamped Project Rattlebag (my previous blog). Changing my Blog’s Name I started my blog  4 years ago as an extended writing project for English whilst I was at school. This project was called ‘Project Rattlebag’ and thus became the name of my blog. After the deadline, blogging had become much more than a school

The Knee High Boots


Amber Over Knee Lace Up Boots BOOHOO – $85/£40 Knee high boots seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment from Kylie Jenner’s Instagram to ASOS to various fashion shows and I just can’t get enough of them. After  compulsive screenshotting of different styles on my phone for the past few weeks I decided to bite the bullet and order these off BOOHOO. As I was ordering

And so it begins…


A few of my favourites from NYFW so far via Vogue. For some February may be the month of Valentines Day, Lunar New Year or simply the month with a peculiar number of days, but for me it has only ever meant one thing – Fashion Week. This time every year (and in September) thousands of fashion editors, buyers, celebrities, designers, writers and even bloggers such as myself flock to those