How I Edit Instagram Photos

How I Edit Instagram Photos

With Instagram being one of the biggest growing social media platforms I have recently started putting more effort into my account and have formed a pretty consistent routine of editing. Although my following is not the largest, I thought I would share my process nonetheless.

How I Edit Instagram Photos 1

Taking the Photo – VSCO Camera and Natural Lighting 

To start with I always take my photos using VSCO as it allows me to manually set the exposure and focus area. I will then try to keep light in front of my face, which gives selfies a lovely glow. The easiest way of doing this is by stand facing a window or if you have the time studio lighting gives an even better effect. I always snap a couple selfies like this when taking blog photos but on a day to day basis I find natural light is far easier and still works a treat.

How I Edit Instagram Photos 2

Brightness, Contrast and Saturation on Afterlight

Following this I will save my photo from VSCO and then open it in Afterlight where I will up the brightness and contrast. Sometimes if I look a little too yellowy from the lighting I will also down the saturation slightly.

How I edit my Instagram Photos 7

Defining Eyes on Facetune

This is something that may cause a little controversy – I use Facetune to brighten my eyes. Personally I do not see any harm in this as I am not drastically editing the shape of my face, the same effect can be gained from using a heavy filter this is just a little refined. To do this I open the photo in Facetune and select the ‘define’ feature, I then run it over my eyes ones or twice to lighten them. For those of you that smaile with your teeth his can also work amazingly on whitening them too.


how I edit my instagram photos 9

Adding filters on VSCO

Finally, I head back to VSCO where I add a filter. I try to keep these consistent through my instagram and tend to use one of the same 3 or 4 filters when I post. Personally, my Instagram account has a blue toned bright theme running through it so this is reflected in the filters I choose. By only adding the filter at a 3/10 it doesn’t look too harsh or overdone.

Let me know how and what apps you use to edit Instagram photos, I’m always on the hunt for more to test!