ASOS Wishlist #2


Dress, Shoes, Skirt, Blouse, Watch  Sandals, Playsuit, Trousers, Blouse, Bag Swimsuit, Dress, Sandals, Blouse, Skirt This really must be the longest blogging break, ever. Sometimes life gets in the way but I’m just happy to announce I’m back finally and coming to you with more posts than ever. Living in New Zealand means there are limited options available for real clothing shops yet with the increase of stores offering free worldwide

Fashion Week – The Basics


Fashion Week are words many have heard but not all understand.  Having attended London Fashion Week for the past 2 seasons, I may not be an expert on the matter but I certainly have some experience. Unfortunately being in New Zealand means I won’t be able to attend this year but I thought I would still share some things I have learnt and tips for those you of who are attending