Eleven Questions!


ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘project-rattlebag.blogspot.co.uk’); I was tagged by Lulu yesterday evening on the eleven questions post, take a look at her blog pretty paper dolly here. Another little sketch I did this week. The rules – Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog – Choose eleven people to tag and link them on the post – Go to their page and tell them  – No tag backs Eleven



ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘project-rattlebag.blogspot.co.uk’); Just a little collage of pictures I took when out and about walking, hope you like them…   I love the contrast of the pure green against the colour on the hills.  Snowdrops. A little creative passage… The tinkle of cowbells sent a feeling of tranquility through me as I meandered through the lonesome meadows. Rolling countryside as far as the eye could see with only the giant skeletons

Blown away by the wind…


ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘project-rattlebag.blogspot.co.uk’);  These are just two of my most recent fashion illustrations in my little sketch book. The first garment was inspired by Brothers Grimm stories and was my modern take on the whole fairytale look. The bodice is a very stiff fabric with the skirt being heavily layered, soft and flowing. One the other hand, the second look is visually similar with the skirt to the other but whole