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Beijing trip day 3,4,5….Peplum and neon dresses


ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘’); Here are the pictures from the rest of China trip… ( all pics taken by me!)Sorry that it is a little picture heavy, I just couldn’t not share any of them. At the forbidden city, 8am. Ouch. It is the largest museum in the world, spanning over 700,000 square metres. Although I lived in China for 3 years I had never actually visited it before and I am

Beijing Trip Day 2 & Peplum Dresses…


ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘’); AFTERNOON ALL!I have had a very unproductive day today, accomplished nothing all day long yet have decided that a little blogging could be a good way to round off the day.So here are the pictures from day 2 of China trip… ( all pics taken by me)  These are truly amazing. They are like a row of tiny toffee apples on a stick but with strawberries/grapes/mini sour apples