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How I Edit Instagram Photos


With Instagram being one of the biggest growing social media platforms I have recently started putting more effort into my account and have formed a pretty consistent routine of editing. Although my following is not the largest, I thought I would share my process nonetheless. Taking the Photo – VSCO Camera and Natural Lighting  To start with I always take my photos using VSCO as it allows me to manually set the exposure

Welcome To My New Blog


Welcome to Although it may appear to be a whole new blog, Hattie Constance is in fact an upgraded and revamped Project Rattlebag (my previous blog). Changing my Blog’s Name I started my blog  4 years ago as an extended writing project for English whilst I was at school. This project was called ‘Project Rattlebag’ and thus became the name of my blog. After the deadline, blogging had become much more than a school

Fashion Week – The Basics


Fashion Week are words many have heard but not all understand.  Having attended London Fashion Week for the past 2 seasons, I may not be an expert on the matter but I certainly have some experience. Unfortunately being in New Zealand means I won’t be able to attend this year but I thought I would still share some things I have learnt and tips for those you of who are attending