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Ile Des Pins – Travel Tips


A little Background… Ile Des Pins (meaning┬áIsle of Pines) is a small Island off the Coast of New Caledonia named in the 1800s for its pine looking trees. The island is 15km by 13km and despite its beauty┬áis home to a mere 2000 people. Most Island inhabitants will speak French as well as their native tongue, not many people speak English. Upon arriving at the island you may be thrown by

NYC Holiday Planning


ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘’); image via Tumblr  In October I’m going to New York for a whole eight days to visit my uncle with my family,  to say I am excited is an huge understatement. I went on family holiday to Boston, Cape Cod and NYC when I was 12 but obviously it was a few years ago now and I hadn’t long discovered the wonders of makeup, clothes and shoes! Last time

Tourist in my hometown & Olympics


ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘’); So a couple of weeks ago a couple of my girlfriends and I decided to be tourist for a day in our hometown – LONDON (although strictly speaking I now live in the south west) We visited Leicester square, M&M world, Trafalgar square, Portabelo Road, Tower Bridge with the Olympic rings and the Hummingbird bakery. A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to go see the

Beijing trip day 3,4,5….Peplum and neon dresses


ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘’); Here are the pictures from the rest of China trip… ( all pics taken by me!)Sorry that it is a little picture heavy, I just couldn’t not share any of them. At the forbidden city, 8am. Ouch. It is the largest museum in the world, spanning over 700,000 square metres. Although I lived in China for 3 years I had never actually visited it before and I am

Beijing Trip Day 2 & Peplum Dresses…


ga(‘create’, ‘UA-40795343-1’, ‘’); AFTERNOON ALL!I have had a very unproductive day today, accomplished nothing all day long yet have decided that a little blogging could be a good way to round off the day.So here are the pictures from day 2 of China trip… ( all pics taken by me)  These are truly amazing. They are like a row of tiny toffee apples on a stick but with strawberries/grapes/mini sour apples