Welcome To My New Blog Hattieconstance.com

Welcome To My New Blog Hattieconstance.com

New Blog Hattie Constance Sea Foam

Welcome to Hattieconstance.com. Although it may appear to be a whole new blog, Hattie Constance is in fact an upgraded and revamped Project Rattlebag (my previous blog).

Changing my Blog’s Name

I started my blog  4 years ago as an extended writing project for English whilst I was at school. This project was called ‘Project Rattlebag’ and thus became the name of my blog. After the deadline, blogging had become much more than a school project and I realised it was something I wanted to continue. Over the past 4 years my Blog’s name has always caused some confusion. Initially I wanted to stick to my name as that is where the blog originated from yet I’ve since realised I have moved on a lot since then and it does not represent what I stand for anymore. Hattie Constance has always been the name of my social media so carrying this through to my blog seemed more than fitting.

My New Blog Design and WordPress Migration

My new design was done by Phil from Pipdig who also handled the migration from blogger to wordpress.org hosting. The design aims to be much simpler and user friendly whilst also being sleek and clean. Phil was amazing to work him and if you are in the market for a new design I would thoroughly recommend him.

What to Expect

With my new and improved blog comes a whole new approach to blogging for me. From the beginning of my blog I have flitted between the topics of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle somewhat sporadically. I will now be publishing at least one lifestyle, fashion and beauty post per week as all these topics are something I feel passionately about. Diversifying into travel posts will be my next step later this year, as I finish school I plan to see as much of Asia and Oceania as possible and would love to share my experience.


I hope you are as excited as I am and if you have any questions regarding my new blog don’t hesitate to get in touch.